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 Drunken Pker

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Drunken Pker

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PostSubject: Drunken Pker   Drunken Pker Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 2:39 pm

Hello Alot of you probally don't know me.
But i have played darkfalls sence the beginning and have made alot of friends, Eddie, Josh, Justin, Yeriel, Mayes, Matt.
and so on..

i have helped and adveritsed for this server etc, on old forums i had like 1000 posts cuz i r leet.
But yeah

Ive been mods and admins of this server alot.

I was 2nd person on server to have 99str.

Matt (eat S h i t)
got it like 30mins before me

Well im ben
like rap and rock.
so yeah
thats me
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Drunken Pker
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